30th Economic Forum "Europe in Search of Leadership"
The purpose of participation in this forum of our company "Intermodal high-speed lines" is

To show politicians there is a real chance of expanding the possibilities of implementing the European Green Deal course in matters of global reduction of CO2 emissions.

Thanks to the work of the European Commission, within the framework of the European Green Deal, and especially in the current 2021 declared in the EU as the European Year of Railways, the Green Transit initiative from business and the public is able not only to make a huge contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the Eurasian space, but also to unite, breathing life, filling practically all large infrastructure projects in Europe with "green transit".

What is "Green Transit" and how to implement it? You can find out the answers to this and other questions by visiting our three panel discussions.
We are waiting for you to visit the beautiful town of Karpacz, Poland, September 7-9, 2021.
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September 7-9, 2021
Karpacz, Poland
more than 3000 participants
About Forum
This year, the largest economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe will be held under the slogan "Europe in Search of Leadership".
The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified competition between European countries and slowed down integration within the EU. At the same time, it made EU’s weaknesses visible. Forum participants will discuss possible ways out of this crisis and a new dimension of European leadership.

Internews-Ukraine is a partner in one of the event's discussions on the topic: “What is the future of local media?”. The speakers of the event will find out who should own the local media and whether local authorities can support them financially and not influence editorial policy.
In total, the conference will be attended by about 3000 guests from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. Heads of State and Members of Government, entrepreneurs, prominent journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations will take part in over 200 thematic debates. They will relate to business, management, the new economy, international politics, security, and more. A varied cultural program is also provided.
Panel themes:
Green transit - global effects on the environment and economy
IHSM intermodal project - integration of transport projects and the right to "green transit" of the countries of the four seas.
Technologies for a "green" future in construction and mechanical engineering. Hydrogen, Basalt, Sulfur concrete

34, Khreshchatyk street | 01001 Kyiv
The company "Intermodal High-Speed Mainlines", together with the Foundation "Institute for Eastern Studies", Poland, invites you to visit.